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What others say about our coaching, mentoring, support for School Principals


What Others Say




"[The Principals First team member] gave me support during a difficult time, was a great sounding board and helped me to think through issues and identify possible courses of action. I found the time to be valuable and an aid to my wellbeing. He also checked in on me to see how I was going, or to follow up on issues we had discussed."

   ~Lutheran Primary School Principal, South Australia 2016



"I felt I had found someone who really understood my situation.  I knew our discussions would be confidential and this was a great contributor to me feeling I could move on. I feel our discussions really grounded me, enabling me to think more clearly...  Often a Principal needs someone who is totally objective who is not a colleague or a personal friend."

   ~Primary Principal, northern Metropolitan region.


"In my first year of Principalship I have certainly appreciated the support provided through this program."

   ~Catholic Principal, Ballarat area


"I have learnt more about myself, and it has given me the opportunity to focus on my needs and strengths. [The consultant] was an excellent listener who was very strategic in his support. I feel I have grown enormously through this process."

   ~Primary Principal, western Metropolitan area.


"[The Principals First service] gave me an objective view of the situation, and new strategies to implement. It was very targeted, relevant, practical."

   ~Primary Principal, western Metropolitan area.


"[The consultant] was fantastic: she gave me time to 'get the issues off my chest' then she supported me to move on from the situation. She was skilful in the way she worked with me, helping me to move on and refocus, without adding more pressure."

   ~Primary Principal, eastern Metropolitan area


"I found the whole experience to be extremely valuable. It was both challenging and informative and has helped me shape the way I conduct myself as a Principal."

   ~Catholic Principal, Ballarat


Appraisals and school reviews:


"[The team members] were able to clearly grasp the situation and easily identified what changes needed to happen… I have a greater understanding of what has been happening in the college and the sentiment of staff and the community. I am also better informed now regarding the areas that the Principal needs to work on.

Thank you for all the work your team has done….We will definitely recommend you to other schools/colleges."

   ~School Council Chair, Christian College in

     South Australia, 2016


"Principals First served our College by providing a rigorous 'health check' of the College as a whole, detailing 'wood' that we were not seeing for the 'trees'. Their review team also ran very rigorous and worthwhile appraisals of myself and another school leader. They were impartial and brought in a combined wealth of experience...  Members of their team also mentor some of our leaders on an ongoing basis.  They work discreetly and with a high degree of professionalism. I commend them to you without reservation."

   ~P-12 Principal, independent College southern Metro area


“My College engaged Principals First to conduct a whole school review in early 2014.  I was keen to get an objective perspective on the school culture, strengths and priorities for the future.  The Principals First team members brought a wealth of experience and valuable insights to this task.

The review was thorough, authentic and carefully tailored to our College culture and desired outcomes. I cannot speak highly enough of the respectful and professional way both team members interviewed staff, parents and the community. Their feedback was both affirming and appropriately challenging and has helped us greatly in establishing a clear direction for the future.”

   ~Principal, Independent P-12 College, Pakenham