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Principals First Coordinator:

Neil Wright

Phone: 9338 4192

Mobile: 0402 754 890




We run school reviews & professional development sessions


School Improvement


We have undertaken school reviews, not only looking at hard data but also interviewing members of the school community in order to identify strengths and areas for improvement in management, curriculum, teaching and learning and school culture.  

Where requested, we can then take professional development sessions with the staff to help the school move forward.

Some examples of work undertaken by Principals First team members:

  • At the Principal’s request, team members interviewed most members of staff in a large secondary college in order to identify areas for improvement.  A report was written with recommendations, following which we conducted two professional development sessions to help them develop an action plan.
  • We surveyed members of the school community and interviewed a sample of staff members, identifying what they saw as their strengths and their future cutting edge.  This resulted in a report and recommendations for future action.
  • We were asked to advise on the most effective kind of leadership for a developing P-12 school and worked with the Council in the development of a new model of leadership.

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