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Principals First Coordinator:

Neil Wright

Phone: 9338 4192

Mobile: 0402 754 890




We provide individual coaching and support for Principals


Individual support


School leaders, and Principals in particular, will benefit from the chance to engage in critical reflection on their work with someone else – experienced but independent.

Our team of former Principals and Assistant Principals has plenty of experience in working with individual Principals, as a mentor, coach or ‘critical friend’. You can use us:

  • as a means of professional growth, enabling you to reflect on your professional practice with someone who understands school leadership yet is completely objective
  • to enhance health and wellbeing, especially in times of stress, helping you to debrief or to assess the impact of your work on your life

Principals First individual support is distinctive because it is

  • a flexible service, designed to meet Principals’ individual needs: it is not fixed, it can be taken up for any length of time, as the Principal decides
  • independent and objective: our work with individual Principals is completely confidential: see the links to our Charter and Code of Conduct

How it works

If you make an enquiry, the Coordinator of Principals First will work with you to identify exactly what you need.  You are then linked up with one of our team members. The team member meets with you for a first conversation, on a ‘no obligation’ basis, after which you would decide together whether to continue, and if so, when and for how long.

Contact the Coordinator of Principals First, Neil Wright, on 0402 754 890 in order to have an initial discussion about how individual support might work for you. That discussion is offered without charge and also without obligation.