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Our code for providing support, coaching, mentoring to School Principals


Code of Conduct


This Code of Conduct refers to one-to-one consultations with a Principal or another school leader (referred to as ‘the client’) undertaken by a team member with  Principals First. Team members are expected to abide by this code.

1. Confidentiality

Total confidentiality will be maintained, unless the matters concerned are already public, or unless permission is given by the client, or as required by law. In unusual circumstances where failure to disclose may result in serious threat to an individual’s life, health or safety, the team member may disclose minimal information necessary to avoid risk.

The team member’s responsibility is to the client, that is, to the Principal or other school leader. Where the consultation has been recommended or funded by another party, such as a professional association or a Regional Office of the Department of Education and Training, any feedback to that third party will be limited to information on the number of meetings held, unless consent is given by the Principal or other limited circumstances apply.

2. Focus of the service

The team member’s relationship is with the Principal class member. He or she will focus on helping the client to reflect on issues arising from their professional work.

3. Limits of the service and referral to other professional disciplines

The team member is not to provide legal, relationship or financial advice. Team members will not act outside the area of their professional capacity. Following discussion between the Principal class member and the team member, the team member may discuss the possibility of referral to another professional.

4. Impartiality; independent status

In all situations, the team member will maintain an independent and impartial approach.

5. Conflict of interest

Before the consultation begins, the team member must disclose actual, potential and perceived conflicts of interest. Disclosure must also be made if a conflict of interest arises during the consultation/s.

6. Record-keeping

Any records of sessions made by the team member will be minimal and are to be kept securely and confidentially.

Procedure in the event of a complaint concerning the conduct of a team member.

Any complaints concerning the conduct of team members with Principals First will be handled according to the following Complaints Procedure.

Where a person is dissatisfied with the conduct of a team member and wishes to lodge a complaint, he or she is encouraged in the first instance to discuss the concerns directly with the team member. If those concerns are not adequately dealt with, the client should contact the Coordinator of Principals First. The Coordinator will endeavour to resolve the matter to the satisfaction of both the client and the team member.

Ultimately, complaints are subject to the normal processes of the law.


At the beginning of the consultancy, team members are expected to notify clients of this procedure. The contact details for the Coordinator are included in the Charter given to all who take up the service.

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