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Principals First Coordinator:

Neil Wright

Phone: 9338 4192

Mobile: 0402 754 890




Our charter for providing support, coaching, mentoring to School Principals


Our Charter


An explanation of what to expect from an individual consultation with Principals First

You will be listened to and treated with respect

  • Your relationship with us is our priority
  • Our team members will be impartial and independent
  • We will maintain complete confidentiality with you and will only disclose information in certain limited circumstances
  • You will receive a clear explanation of the service you will receive
  • Our team members will discuss the duration and scope of the service
  • You will receive a clear statement about fees

Our team members will work as a critical friend, to help you reflect on issues that arise out of your professional work. Our aim is to strengthen your own competencies.

Our team members offers this service based on his or her own experience and expertise, in good faith, in the anticipation that it will prove beneficial for you. No specific outcomes are guaranteed.

We do not provide legal, financial or relationship advice.

Should you come to believe that the sessions are not meeting your needs, you should feel free to withdraw at any time. Similarly, if the team members believes that the situation is moving outside the area of his or her professional capacity, a referral will be discussed with you.

Our team members abide by a Code of Conduct, which will be made available for you. In the event of any concern that you feel unable to resolve with the team members directly, contact the Coordinator of Principals First.