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Principals First Coordinator:

Neil Wright

Phone: 9338 4192

Mobile: 0402 754 890




Principal and school appraisals, support, mentoring, coaching




We are very experienced in providing appraisals of Principals and other senior leaders. A distinctive element in that process is that we complement the use of hard data with in-depth interviewing of selected school community members.


We specialise in formative appraisals, that is, appraisals designed to provide feedback and inform professional development, rather than for issues around renewal of contract.

An appraisal includes:

  • Wide-ranging interviews with key members of the school community, including parents, School Council members and staff. In some cases an online or written survey can be used.
  • Focus groups with students as appropriate
  • A comprehensive written report on strengths and areas for improvement, presented in person

We also make ourselves available as needed to work with the Principal to support the report’s implementation.