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Principals First Coordinator:

Neil Wright

Phone: 9338 4192

Mobile: 0402 754 890




We provide support & mentoring coaching for Principal well-being


About Principals First


Principals First works with Principals and other leaders in schools, to support both your professional growth and your wellbeing. We know that Principals often need someone to turn to, especially in difficult times. We've been doing this since 2002.

Our team brings years of relevant experience and wisdom. We consult without obligation and with confidentiality. Our service is impartial and objective.

What can we offer you or your other school leaders?

  • We can work with you individually as a coach or mentor
  • We can conduct a formative appraisal of you as Principal or other leaders 

Principals First is a service available within Australia for Government, Independent and faith-based schools.  We work on a fee-for-service basis.  

Who are we? 

Experienced former Principals and Assistant Principals, some from Government schools, some from Independent schools.